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( 1977 )

The Ranao Council (RC) is an organization of Muslims dedicated to noble and honest endeavors for the advancement and well being of the Muslims in the Philippines, more particularly the Maranaos. Comprising mostly of Maranaos of Lanao, its membership cut across students, youth, professionals, teachers, scholars, and businessmen. It makes no distinctions between men from women; young from the old, rich from the poor, intellectuals from ordinary minds. Today, over 60 % of its members are University faculty members in Engineering, Education, Business, Law, History and the Social Sciences, Shariah and Islamic Studies, Public Administration, Fisheries and Agriculture, Biology, Physics and Mathematics. Others are attached to public and private agencies here and in other parts of the world.

The RC was organized in 1977 by a group of college students of the Mindanao State University. The Maranao student leaders, realizing the urgent need to organized, despite the ban on peoples' assembly under Martial Law, started group interactions to discuss vital issues affecting the Maranao society and the Bangsamoro as a whole. They were joined by three very young faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences.

The following months, more lecture series and discussion groups were held in several schools in Marawi. College students and young professionals joined the activities. Finally, the more consistent ones decided to form a formal Organization - the Ranao Council.

In 1979, a strong unit in Metro Manila was organized . The members in Metro Manila worked to register the organization to the Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC). That has given the RC a legal personality to exist and operate.

In 1980, the first RC National Assembly was successfully conducted with the theme - Maranao Development: Problems and Prospects. Among the Guests in the assembly were the late Hon. Mayor Omar Dianalan and the late Dr. Mamitua Saber. In 1995, it has entered into a Joint Venture with the Markazoshabab Al Muslim Fil Filibin, Inc. to establish the first true Integrated School In the Philippines - the Ibn Siena Integrated School Foundation. In 1999, one of its senior member, Dr. Camar Umpa, w as elected as the 5th President of the Mindanao State University. Several of the Senior RC members who have good qualifications and vast experience in University administration assisted him in managing MSU till 2005.

Today, after 29 years, the Ranao Council continues to be a strong civic organization dedicated to the development and welfare of the Muslims in the Philippines. Two active sub-groups, the RC Young Professional Guild and the RC Student Assembly are very aggressive civic groups pursuing civic activities for peace and development. The RC Elders serve as guardians of the RC Brotherhood and the general welfare of the Council.

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